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A very late change of plans and surgery is now happening tomorrow morning (12th Jan). It was meant to be later in the month, but availability of surgeons has forced the issue. I’ve had a manic week of tests and x-rays to make sure I’m surgery ready and have been on the game! Imagine a mix between Ari Gold in Entourage and the Bradley Cooper on the Superdrug in Limitless. Thursday and Friday were a lot more chilled out. I’ve never had such open surgery before though, so nerves are kicking in now. Chemotherapy is not fun. At times it can be hell. I’ve been lucky mine has been relatively successful, especially considering the shit odds I was given in June and what I’ve read online. I have also been lucky that the side effects haven’t hit me as hard as they could have. Saying that, it’s only recently I’ve realised how unwell I’ve been at times and again appreciate how good my family have been. I’ve helped myself by taking the right drugs (anti-nausea pills, sleeping pills to he

New Year Update

A really quick run-through of what been going on. It’s so factual that I don’t even know why anyone would be interested but if I’m going to blog, I shouldn’t leave big holes. I had a great few days remaining in London before leaving for Christmas. I’m really exploiting my memberships for museums now. 30 and proud. My appetite was back so I got to enjoy a few Christmas meet ups with mates. My liver surgeon rudely said I should not drink before surgery, but things were so festive it doesn’t really matter, and I’ve had some great nights with friends. As well as nights in recovering, of course, and trying to get Izzy to watch Mad Men as much as possible. I went back to Cardiff to see my mums’ side of the family on the 22 nd and we got our huge family argument out of the way nice and early the next day, leaving the time free for an incredibly great Christmas day and time around it, seeing extended family and Cardiff friends. It was actually less argumentative than normal – mayb