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Medical Update

This is a purely medical update because my emotions have been all over the place in the last few weeks and I can't be bothered going in to that in this post. Mid-November I saw an new oncologist who was recommended by one of my other doctors. He looked at me and declared almost immediately that he thought a mistake may have been made based on the fact that I walked into the room looking as healthy as the next person on the street, and because my previous scans (from July) might have been jumped the gun in suggesting treatment wasn't working. He thought there was a possibility that the disease wasn't progressing as previously suggested and that some of the treatment would be working i.e. the mitotane. Another scan was arranged and I had a week of trying to dampen my optimism in case he was wrong. I failed spectacularly in that  and it turned out he was wrong and t he tumour had grown, as previously expected. No new sites but considerable growth around the surgical bed n