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Cycle 3, Day 13

The idea of regular updates hasn’t really happened. This is due to a combination of being very busy, laziness, and feeling really shit at the start of this cycle. Time flies when you’re having fun. I received the good scan result on the Wednesday and had a very busy day seeing different friends for food and drinks, and then deciding to make the most of feeling well by booking a last minute weekend trip up to Edinburgh for the Fringe. I’ve never been to the Fringe and had no plans for the weekend so figured I’d make the most of feeling well. Edinburgh was as beautiful, and as cold as ever. I think I had the quintessential Fringe experience of mostly shit comedy (Tape Face, probably the act with the biggest billing for the festival, was so bad I actually walked out after 20 minutes and decided it would be a better use of my time sitting by myself drinking a G&T in the rain), with a few good finds (checkout Luke McQueen). I also saw some wanky modern dance performance that was prett