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August Update

This was written with the intention to be posted at the start of August, I just didn't get around to it. So transport yourself back to those hot (I think?) summer days... Looking back I'm not quite sure why we all swapped clothes The rest of the second cycle was uneventful, keeping myself busy and doing the usual but also finding myself more anxious about the up and coming scan. My bad feeling this time seems to have been well founded. The results showed that there was a new growth on the lymph node near my  esophagus  and slight growths on the tumours already in my lungs and surgical bed. They also lit up more in the PET CT scan, indicating that they are slightly more aggressive than before in regards to how quickly the cells divide and how the cancer spreads. I can’t remember how much information I’ve given about the situation before so here is the lowdown. Other than surgery, there was only one approved treatment line offered by my hospital and which is agreed by