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Cycle 6, Day 17 (scan results)

Quick, informative update as I need to rush to the Tate Modern to try to understand what the hell modern art is all about.  I saw the oncologist yesterday and received scan results from Monday. Miraculously the chemo is still having an effect – the main tumour has shrunk to 9.6cm (at the start it was around 16cm, last report was 12cm). The report only gave me one axis this time which was quite bizarre but there we go. Then lung secondaries still seem to have disappeared, and there is no new growth anywhere else. Dr Ross seems very happy to go ahead with surgery and suggested the start of January. So, no more chemo for now, thank God. Hopefully the fatigue will start to lift. I learned that Dr O’Brien, the heavily recommended kidney surgeon, is on jury service for the first half of January. But I rushed around to get an appointment with him anyway just in case. In his alpha-male-surgeon (picture Tod from scrubs but as an English gentleman) way he completely ruled out the first

Cycle 6, Day 8 // Cycle 5 Day 20// Cycle 4, Day 20

The alleged Jack Kerouac has left me. Put it down to a difference in lifestyle. The only similarities will be the confusing prose and amount of drug consumption. It’s midnight. My computer clock says 05:31 and I don’t know how to change it. I’m desperate for bed. I realise, though, that I haven’t updated for a while, so I want to get this out of the way, so I can get on to more pressing issues like sleeping/watching Mad Men. You may notice there are 3 dates above. This is because I started writing with longer posts in mind before becoming distracted. I figured I’d leave what I’ve written before, to help you understand my brain a bit/confuse you a lot. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in this time that I can’t remember as well. I realise that reading long blogs is boring, and reading old news is a waste of time, so I will keep the newest at the top - short and sweet, as ever ! Part 1 – Cycle 6, Day 8 It’s Day 8 of Cycle 6 and I’m doing surprisingly well. Fatigue has set in