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Coughing my way through Covid

Back in the motherland I’ve had a cough for around six months now. It was fairly innocuous - the kind of cough most people have in the UK in the winter. A few times it’s been a bit more than that; whilst I was in America in February I had a couple of days of pretty bad coughing fits, but thankfully they resolved themselves. Over time, though, the cough has got progressively worse. It is more consistent now and the fits have become more regular. My breathing has also become slightly more laboured. Occasionally there is a wheeze on the in breath. When I’m walking and have a brief spurt of heavy coughing, I feel eyes on me accusing me of not locking myself away. I would love for this to be a mild case of Covid (so long as it doesn’t get any worse of course), but I'm accepting that I am no longer asymptomatic.  I’ve said previously that the disconnect between feeling fine whilst getting very negative scan results was something I was struggling with a lot, as it made my situa