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Surgery Week

As hopefully most people know by now, I survived the surgery. Huge apologies for my lack of update; I’ve had a pretty erratic few weeks (see next blog). As it’s so late - over seven weeks post surgery -  this is being written with a bit of a blurred memory. Although to be honest, it would be anyway. I think my drug mix would have tamed Hunter S Thompson. By all accounts, the surgery actually went really well. All the doctors involved said once they opened me up it was better than expected, which seems to be a running theme with my treatment. I’m beginning to think that the surgeons play up the risks to protect themselves and so they can then congratulate each other afterwards for doing a fantastic job. Honestly though, they really did do a fantastic job, as you’ll see. My adrenal gland, kidney and gallbladder were removed, as expected, but only around 20% of my liver. My hepatic surgeon was particularly smug about that. They also found out that the tumour wasn’t going across any