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Blog Post - The Switch and Call to Arms!

  Blog Post - The Switch and Call to Arms! Long but important post, I would appreciate if you gave it a full read. Me and my amazing sister enjoying the sun The first few weeks of lockdown I was floating nicely through the time by staying busy and upbeat. It was easy, idyllic and probably not too different from anyone elses unless they are on a mission to teach themselves Mandarin or in the habit of cracking open a beer at 1pm. In many ways you can’t beat the pure liberation of being able to wake up when you want, having few plans set in stone and being able to do whatever you want with the time you have. Over the last couple of months, though, my energy had dropped and I had started doing less. It might have been due to boredom, situational fatigue or being stuck in my head more than is healthy. However, it was undeniable that my physical symptoms were no longer slowly creeping up on me. I look drastically different and have lost a lot of weight. A lot. A 20 minute aggressive coughing