Biopsy done

Was quick and pretty painless, 20 minutes in and out. To protect the wound they make you lie flat on your back for 2 hours followed by another 2 hours of general monitoring so boredom is today's main issue. They came round with a menu and I have a 3 course meal to look forward to later so that's something. Hopefully it will be tasty enough to counter the indignity of wearing net underwear and full length stockings.

Results should be back by next Wednesday for my appointment with the oncologist, who I also caught up with today. I should be starting chemo on the following Monday (25th).

Assuming the biopsy confirms that it is ACC, the proposed chemo structure is 4 days of chemo (4 different drugs) on a 4 week cycle, initially lasting for 3 months. There's also a 'chemo pill' that I would take every day. The doctor told me (with a bit too much glee) that it was a pretty brutal routine in terms of amount of drugs and potential side effects, but everyone's different so I guess I will just have to wait and see how my body reacts.

I have a lot of netflix, reading and podcasts to look forward to. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Money Heist (subtitled rather than dubbed)
    The Killing
    The Sinner

    All with a healthy sprinkling of Anthony Bourdain in the mix


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